Epic Fails: Wright Brothers: Nose-Diving Into History




In 2017 I was approached by MacMillan Children’s Publishing to illustrate a book which was to be a possible first in a series of young readers historical books. The series being called “Epic Fails” and the first book was “The Wright Brothers: Nose-Diving Into History”. These were somewhat similar to the Who Was books that I was doing for Penguin, but with definitely more of a tongue-in-cheek humor in the outlook and writing. Eventually, this series would get the green light, and I have been involved with 4 of the titles so far (more to come on these as they go into production).

I had worked for MacMillan more than twenty five years previously, mostly illustrating textbook covers for their educational division. Nice to be working with them once again.

Anyways, here’s the illustrations for that first book on the Wright Brothers and the history of flight (not to be confused with a book I did for Penguin called “Who Were The Wright Brothers”).