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Finally managed to get the ‘Mose Goes Walkies’ website up and running. I’m not sure where this new venture is going, but I felt it was different enough from my usual work that it needed its own web presence. For those that are just joining us, I’ve been drawing a daily comic strip since May 31st of this year, with the goal of perhaps someday publishing these cartoons in some form in the future. At this point (I’m nearing 100 strips very soon) I consider it ‘on the job training’, learning to be a better cartoonist, expressing myself, fulfilling a lifelong ambition, call it what you will. There are links on the website to our Instagram account, our Patreon page, and several sample strips to peruse. The link in the menubar above will take you to the official website.

Coming Up

David Carrier Law, Dover

I’ve shared the above illustration before. It was from the first of my ‘scratchboard coloring books’ that I did for Dover last year, and the project has spawned a sequel which should be hitting the stores very soon, of a collection of ‘all animals’ illustrations in a similar scratchboard style. Meanwhile, I had proposed a third book to the publisher a couple weeks ago, doing an entire collection of ‘trees’ along similar lines. The illustration above was one of my favorites from the first collection, and I was itching to do some more. The project was given a go ahead and I’ve begun work on the next collection. This also coincides with a side project that I’d been contemplating for the past two years. I’ve been taking a lot of walks in a nearby park, and noticing how many interesting trees I pass on a daily basis, and I’ve thought many times of bringing a sketchbook down and seeing how many of the trees in the park I can draw, and perhaps fill up a sketchbook for the first time in my life (I’m not one of those artists that carry a sketchbook around with them all the time, constantly drawing, and it takes a concerted effort on my part to even fill one of the many sketchbooks I’ve got laying around). So, anyways, I’m looking forward to working on this project, and should have some samples to share with you later in the year, when the book nears publication.

I’m also currently in the early stages of another of those “Who Was” books for Penguin, and it should keep me busy for the latter half of the year.

In the meantime, I also finished up another of those ‘cartoon strips’ for a local elder care lawyer. I’ve been doing several of these throughout the year, but I don’t always post samples, since they are fairly similar to each other. This time, however, the style and subject matter was a bit different, so I thought I’d share this latest one. I had suggested that as a change of pace, they take a break from the usual ‘Mary Worth’-style comics and try a Disney/Pogo Possum-style animal scenario. These usually run in several West Michigan newspapers (in a variety of sizes and formats depending on the paper), with the ‘teaser strip’ running on a front page, and the larger ‘conclusion strip’ running somewhere inside.

When it Rains it Pours…

ChronicleHE, David Carrier Law, Delaware Today, Farm Futures, Today Media

Since I came back from vacation, I’ve been too busy to post new work on the blog. Currently I’m working on 50 illustrations for a scratchboard color book for Dover (samples will have to stay under wraps until publication), two ‘Who was’ book projects for Penguin with 80 illustrations each (and, again, samples I can’t share until publication), and I just finished up a series of 15 or so illustrations for the Witches Companion series for Llewellyn (I’ll post some of these in a few days when I get the time). In the meantime, relatively short deadline work has been picking up the last few weeks (month? I’m losing track of time), so I’ve got a few samples of those to share. Above is an illustration for Main Line Today, and below are a few spot illustrations for the Chronicle of Higher Education and Farm Futures.

Also, did another series of cartoon ads for a local lawyer, which appears to be turning into a regular gig for a while, since they seem to be getting good results. They aren’t much different than the samples I’ve posted before, so I’ll just post a smaller thumbnail version this time. Another busy weekend ahead, so I’ll likely have some new samples of short deadline work to share next week along with the Llewellyn pieces.

Tying up Loose Ends

Barrons, David Carrier Law, Delaware Today, Today Media

Going to be taking a little time off for the holidays, and planning on being back in the office around New Years (the band’s got a NYE gig), then out again until mid-January. Work, of course, has begun to pick up in anticipation of my trying to leave, so I’ve spent the last few weeks frantically working to keep the time off from causing problems with deadlines. The above illustration is one I did this morning for Delaware Today (featuring likenesses of several Delaware-area women politicians). Below is a series of spot illustrations for Barrons (nice to hear from them again, it had been a while) that I did last week. Also this past weekend I had a couple of very busy days putting together a few more ‘comic strip ads’ for a local law firm (apparently the ones I did a few months ago have been a big hit and they want to make this an ongoing series).