Album Cover (maybe)

Jukejoint Handmedowns, music, self portrait

After six months of ‘busy’, I find myself suddenly in the summer slowdown period. Keeping myself busy with personal projects, and since the band is in the planning stages of another album, I got ahead of the ball and started work on the album cover. The concept of this next CD is a collection of songs about our home state, Michigan, and we’ve only just begun gathering and learning the songs, but as with the previous three albums, I’ve gotten the cover art done way ahead of the actual recording. I may change my mind in the coming months, and some revisions may still be taking place in the design, but so far I’m liking the direction.

weak end rap up


Some unusual projects on my docket around the end of the week. I’ve been approached by a music producer out east to work up an inside/outside cd package with a ‘sci fi’ theme (the idea is that the cd package is in fact a relic of an alien civilization, the exterior like a weathered ‘black box’ and the inside full of technological doo dads and whatnots, and also incorporating the band’s ‘logo design’ in such a way that it is hidden in the designs). This stuff is way outside my usual comfort zone, but I’ve been having fun playing around with various unusual techniques and tricks, mostly in photoshop. Probably still not at the finish line with this project, but here’s a sneak peak at the progress so far.
(these tiny reproductions don’t really do justice to all the details, so if you click on each image, you will see a larger version)

Also been doing a lot of sketching for upcoming projects (one of which, for Barrons, is posted below), mostly ahead of schedule, because I’m going to try and take a long weekend and catch up on some sailing on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Unfortunately, my body didn’t get the message, and decided to come down with a cold on Thursday, which I’m still fighting.