Contentedly Busy

Business North Carolina, WSJ

This continues to be one of the best couple of weeks I’ve had all year, with regards to workflow, and I’ve still got a full weekend ahead of me. My postcard just hit the mails this week, so hopefully this trend will continue over the remainder of the year. The above assignment was a front page illustration for the Journal for this coming sunday’s edition (the ‘chalkboard’ will be filled with various bullet points) that I finished up this morning (though I expect there will be slight alterations here and there before the day is out). And below, is a cover illustration for Business North Carolina that I finished up on Wednesday. A little different than my usual style, but it was interesting trying to work out all the details in this complex layout. (with both illustrations, you can see a larger version by clicking on the image)

Busy Spell

Boston Globe, ChronicleHE, US Catholic

Have been experiencing a busy period over the past couple of weeks, which is a nice change of pace from the majority of 2011. In addition to the large project that will be occupying my time for the next month or so (which I’ll be posting examples of next year sometime when it gets published), I also had an assignment from a new client last weekend, The Boston Globe (pictured above), and another long horizontal essay illustration for the Chronicle (pictured below), and larger versions of each can be seen by clicking on the images.

I also got a call from a client I hadn’t heard from in a while (though I did a book project on the side with the Art Director earlier this year), US Catholic, with a semi-humorous fiction piece (pictured below). Several more large projects coming due this week and next, and I’ll post when I get them done.