Out Like a Lamb

Barrons, ChronicleHE, US Catholic

I’m actually busier than it would appear from the infrequency of my postings here of late, since several projects I’m working on currently are still under wraps for the time being. Here’s a few recent pieces to let you know I’m still here. The above illustration was for the Chronicle this week (and I’ve posted a few of the rough sketches for it below).

The following illustration was for US Catholic last week, and below that, is a piece for Barrons that I finished up this afternoon.

In the meantime, my band has been hard at work recording our new CD, and we are about half way to the finish line on it. I’ll likely be working on some cover designs for it this afternoon and over the weekend. Two book projects are in the works but are awaiting sketch approval, and in the meantime, I’m already starting to think about my ‘summer challenge’ for 2013 and will perhaps start on a new animation project to coincide with the CD release (it may involve swaying horses, cowboys, and perhaps a jackalope or two). Stay tuned.