Summer Challenge 2013

AHMM, Green Prints

Well, no sooner had I announced that things may be picking up around here, they came to a dead halt. Finished up the last two pending jobs on the docket (not counting the possible future book project, which may stretch out until the Christmas holidays), and found myself on Wednesday with a lot of free time on my hands. So, I went back to my planned ‘summer challenge’: ie: work my way through the Zazzle category of ‘Famous People Pre-1900’, pushing myself to work in various mediums and stretch my limitations, and in doing so, generate a library of obscure Zazzle products that may or may not sell at sometime in the distant future. I’m currently in the ‘Architects’ sub-category, and did a couple black and white portraits of Frederick Law Olmstead (pictured above) and Charles Bullfinch (below).

The two smaller jobs that I finished up earlier this week were also in black and white, and both in my usual scratchboard style. A period fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, and a humor piece for GreenPrints.