… and cold

Barrons, US Catholic, WSJ

The heat wave finally broke, and work has picked up a little bit, but I wouldn’t say I’m busy yet, by any stretch of the imagination. Just as well, as I’ve been keeping pretty busy with the new CD mastering, gigging with the band, and trips to Lansing to take care of my Dad. A new book project is expected sometime soon, and August will be fairly busy with extracurricular activities (like a vacation planned for mid month, one of the first we’ve taken in many years), so things could get hairy at a moment’s notice.

Above is a piece I did for Barron’s this morning, and below is an illustration I did for the Wall Street Journal a few days ago (click on the small version to see an enlargement). Below that, is a cartoon drawing I did for US Catholic earlier in the week.

Also, recently I’ve begun a ‘Tumblr’ blog which is featuring an overview of my favorite pieces of the past 25 years, jumping here and there with new pieces and old stuff from the flat files, at a larger size than I usually post here on this day to day blog. I’ve been trying to post 5 or six pieces a day Monday through Friday as an additional online presence. Time will tell if this ends up being a worthwhile addition to my marketing efforts, or if it will be just another time-waster.