This Year’s Krampus Card

ABA, Barrons, Self Promotion, US Catholic

Finally finished up the book project on the day before Thanksgiving (then spent the holiday in Cleveland with my wife, my son and my ailing father), and when I got home on the weekend, I worked up another ‘Krampus’ image to add to the two I currently have circulating at my Zazzle store and to send out as both personal Xmas cards and as a business promo postcard this holiday season.
Other work this past week has been for the American Bar Association (the statue image of ‘Eve’ below), for US Catholic (the ‘Betty Crocker’ cartoon, click on the small image to see details), and a piece for Barrons (the accountant with two books).

Later this week, I’ll be heading to Nashville for a short vacation in honor of me and my wife’s 30th wedding anniversary. Haven’t been on a ‘vacation’ since 2008, and trying not to get too stressed out about it.