Tying up Loose Ends

Barrons, David Carrier Law, Delaware Today, Today Media

Going to be taking a little time off for the holidays, and planning on being back in the office around New Years (the band’s got a NYE gig), then out again until mid-January. Work, of course, has begun to pick up in anticipation of my trying to leave, so I’ve spent the last few weeks frantically working to keep the time off from causing problems with deadlines. The above illustration is one I did this morning for Delaware Today (featuring likenesses of several Delaware-area women politicians). Below is a series of spot illustrations for Barrons (nice to hear from them again, it had been a while) that I did last week. Also this past weekend I had a couple of very busy days putting together a few more ‘comic strip ads’ for a local law firm (apparently the ones I did a few months ago have been a big hit and they want to make this an ongoing series).