Patreon Site


I’m going to be doing things a little different for the coming year. This website will remain as a ‘portfolio’ showcase of my older work, but I will be going through a lot of my older posts and consolidating them, leaving much fewer samples to see, as far as my day-to-day projects.

I shall strive to post a sample or two once a week here, but over on my Patreon site (one I currently use strictly for my ‘Mose Goes Walkies’ comics), I shall be sharing a lot more illustration samples, along with some preliminary sketches, ‘time lapse videos’ and an expanded ‘behind the scenes’ commentary. The Patreon site has several pre-existing tier levels, but a subscriber would also have the option of creating their own pay scale, so, in theory you could be enjoying all the benefits for as little as one dollar a month.

The sample above (of which there are more that will be posted on Friday of this week) was from a book I just finished up called “What Do We Know About Alien Abduction” for Penguin Young Readers.