Krampus Card

Mose Goes Walkies, personal

I decided to do something a little different this year for my annual Krampus card. I’ve been thinking of retiring this character, and, since I’ve started a new comic strip venture this year, I used the comic to work as both a sunday strip and to do double duty as our holiday card, both giving our dear Krampus a fine send-off, and transitioning to a new era of “Mose Goes Walkies” greeting cards. Once I did this Sunday strip (pictured above), I felt I wasn’t quite through with this guy (and his waggly tongue), so I continued the story throughout the week (below are the next few chapters, with the plan to continue it throughout the following week). The strip can be read on a daily basis at the link above in the menubar, or if you wish to check out more you can subscribe to our Instagram feed (where most of the action happens), support us on Patreon (entire archive, plus extras) or sporadically on TikTok.