New Tools


Been quite a while since I’ve posted. Been working on a lot of book projects lately, some of which are still in the sketch phase, some are ‘on hold’ awaiting further information, and some I can’t share for contractual reasons. I’ve been experimenting with working on a new platform, using my iPad and an iPencil and Procreate to draw many of my “Mose Goes Walkies” comic strips, and the other day I decided to try my first ‘scratchboard assignment’ on the iPad. This one was one of several I’ll be doing for Llewellyn’s upcoming ‘Witches Companion’ Digest over the next few weeks. There are several bugs to work out, but so far so good.

For those who have just arrived, or have not been following the blog, I have started doing a daily comic strip in conjunction with an Instagram site called “Mose Goes Walkies”, which started around the beginning of June. If you are interested, there is a link above in the menu to take you to the official website.