New Krampus for 2014

Self Promotion

I did my first Krampus image for a promotional postcard back in 2010. In the past four years I’ve revisited this holiday theme three additional times. I’ve used each of these as promotional postcards, and I think my favorite response happened last year, when a contact wrote me asking to be taken off the mailing list because she found the image so “disgusting and disturbing”. I’ve also been offering these on various bits of merchandise (greeting cards, mugs, tee shirts, etc) at my Zazzle Store where they are some of my best selling items, especially during the holiday season.

Pictured below are the four Krampus images I’ve done over the past few years. And in case you are unfamiliar with the whole “Krampus” myth, HERE is an informative website explaining the story behind this unusual holiday character.