Oscars 1936

Oscar Poster, personal

This week I finished up my sketches for the “Who Was” book, and worked on other projects (see previous post), but in the spare hours of the day, I moved ahead on another of my ‘Oscar Coloring Pages’ (see this link for more details on this ongoing personal project). These pages are starting to get a little more complex as the calendar years advance, and we haven’t even gotten to the first year where they started awarding ‘Best Supporting’ categories. This year’s collection included 5 actors (which would eventually become the standard), 6 actresses, 4 directors and a whopping 12 nominees for best picture. I may have to do some creative arranging in future pages, as this becomes even more complex.

After some thought, and some dissatisfaction with the way I am treating the ‘list of nominations’ companion page, I have decided to try a different approach. A typographical ‘mish-mash’ is what I am currently leaning towards, as pictured below. Thinking that the person coloring the book would have more creative options for handling this sort of treatment.