Blast From the Past


Since I’m gearing up to start another coloring book, I thought I’d showcase a few illustrations from past volumes.

I’ve been housecleaning on my Instagram account over the past few weeks, and it occurred to me that I’ve never posted any of the illustrations from my ‘Cars’ coloring book. Here are a few personal favorites. The Chevy Vega (above) was my first car when I left home, purchased by my father, and nearly rusted out by the time I took it over. I never had a souped up engine installed like the one above, but I always felt it needed it.

My Grandfather worked on the assembly lines for Buick, (my Mother also worked for Buick, but in the front offices in the eighties), so this is a tribute to the Bachman side of my family (license plate a nod of the cap to my Uncle Ken, who also suggested the backdrop of the Flint Planetarium). Below is one of my favorite vehicles of the past fifty years, who only a handful of drivers were able to enjoy in its intended environment, the Moon Rover.