Who Was Series #24 & #25


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing a trio of samples from each of the 25 ‘Who Was’ books that I’ve been involved with over the past ten years. This past month, I completed the 24th & 25th of these books, “What Was The AIDS Crisis?” and “Who Is Jimmy Carter?” Here are a few samples from each of these books. It is too early yet for me to post all the illustrations, but stay tuned, as I’ll likely be posting a few posts of this type in the coming year. Here’s the links to each of the books to pre-order on Amazon: (AIDS Crisis – Jimmy Carter). I just received word this morning asking about my availability for my 26th title which I will be working on early next year.

Every time I find myself drawing a picture of Richard Nixon, (and the opportunity has come up on several occasions, oddly enough), I am reminded how this was my ambition when I was ten years old, watching the Watergate hearings, and reading the editorial cartoons, and dreaming of one day having a job where I got to draw Richard Nixon. Living the dream.