1993 – Making a Living as an Illustrator

Year In Review
Personal Selling Power, 1993

While my art style is still rather crude and all over the place in regards to style, I’m starting to feel pretty good about myself and comfortable in this career path. Magazines and Newspapers seem to be my bread and butter clients, with occasional book publishing and advertising clients sprinkled in there to keep things interesting. I now have fairly steady work coming in every month with repeat clients, and new clients trying me out from time to time. At this point, I am now making a bigger salary than I was making at my old job at the typesetter, so I am feeling pretty cocky. I’ve just moved into a new spacious office that we built over our garage, and my son has just started pre-school.

Institutional Investor, 1993

The scratchboard style seems to be my biggest seller, but I am still doing cartoon style illustrations for some assignments, and the rare pastel piece. New clients this year include Zillions (the children’s magazine version of ‘Consumer Reports’), and Cobblestone Publications (a children’s magazine publisher with various monthly educational titles). It is at this point that the Christian Reformed Church starts using me for school curriculum projects, which go a long way towards keeping me very busy and boosting my bottom line.

Worldwide Church of God, 1993
Zillions, 1993
CRC Publications, 1993