and here comes September

Delaware Today, Today Media

Got a few assignments this week, some repeat business from established clients, and heard from a client I hadn’t worked for in fifteen years (the above featured illustration), and a project from a brand new client, and some unfortunate news from one of my most established clients about more downsizing and dismal prospects for the future. I have a few book projects lined up for the fall months, and have started work on another short animated film in the down time, but otherwise am hoping for an upswing in business as the year winds to a close.

Meanwhile, on the music front, after a wonderful launch to our new CD, with two radio interviews and a successful release party, the band had a few setbacks in August, with the guitar player suffering a severe hand injury, and the pedal steel player’s wife spending some time in the hospital for surgery complications, so we had to cancel gigs for August, September and are hoping to do some limited playing in October before getting back up to speed.