Blast from the Past (and more Saints)

Newsday, Pauline Books

Heard from a client this week who I haven’t heard from since 2012. The above illustration was was a two page spread for New York Newsday. It was a nice break from the daily routine I’ve been at for the past three months. At one time, this sort of ‘quick turnaround’ work was the lion’s share of my business, but in recent years it has slowed to a mere trickle, while book publishing work has taken over, with their much longer lead times. Meanwhile, I’m still working on the “What Unites Us” graphic novel project, but I am now on the final week, with only about twenty or so pages to go (more samples to share next week on this). I’ve finished up the interior illustrations for the ‘Saints’ book (the last weeks’ output is pictured below) with total ending up at 68 (or 80 if you count all the heads in the ‘duos and sextets’), and I’ll begin working on the color cover illustrations for that project very soon. Looking forward to a relaxing Thanksgiving vacation.