rough sketches



Since today’s workload is mostly made up of rough concept sketches, I thought I’d share some old sketches from many years back, that I saved for one reason or another (I actually should be saving a lot more of the unused concepts, who knows, they may come in handy someday).


One of the clients I am currently working for does an annual Xmas card based on an inspirational quote. Some of the sketches from this batch are from previous years’ rejections. I always find it daunting coming up with concepts from what seems like ‘thin air’, but somehow I manage to eventually come up with something that works. The first five sketches in today’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ are from 2015, and the¬†following three are from 2014 (all for the same Xmas card client).

sketch3web sketch4web sketch5web

sketch6web sketch7web sketch8webThese next sketches are from various sources (mostly rejected ideas for clients), and the years were as follows: Gas Pump (2013, Unknown Client), Light Bulbs (2013, Chronicle of Higher Education), Huddle (2007, Unknown Client)

sketch10web sketch11web sketch12web