Building Writing Skills 2

Instructional Fair



I had two book projects for Instructional Fair in 2001, “Building Writing Skills 1” and “Building Writing Skills 2”. Both were very heavy on the art, with something like 140 spot illustrations each. The challenging part of it was that there were a lot of odd spaces to fill in the layout, and many of the spaces were long horizontals along the bottoms of the pages. I think the challenge was good for my creativity, as I ended up with a lot of cute pieces in this project, especially the long horizontals. In the past I’ve only shared a few samples from this book, but I am going back and reposting each book in its entirety (writing this in 2018). So, anyways, here are the illustrations for “Building Writing Skills 2” for the first time in almost twenty years.

BuildWritSkills2b BuildWritSkills2g BuildWritSkills2c BuildWritSkills2d BuildWritSkills2e BuildWritSkills2f