Additional April Work

America, Newsday, US Catholic

One of my favorite pieces of the month was this rather simple image of ‘lady justice’ for a catholic magazine. I took the opportunity to work in a different style than I normally do, and I really liked how the colors turned out in this one.

And speaking of catholics, I also had a few pieces this month for two different clients on the recent rash of priest pedophile accusations. The one above, a riff on the old ‘see no, hear no, speak no evil’ pose, but with a fourth member of the gang, was for a jesuit publication. The illustration to the left was for my east coast newspaper client.

Also, for the same newspaper client, I had a large color piece to accompany a story about when surgeons make ‘mistakes’. (pictured below).

Below that, is a piece for my national newspaper client. This one about rising gas prices and their effect on the stock market. I would recycle this concept again in a couple years, completely unaware that I’d done it once before.

And speaking of recycling, I would conciously reuse this computer illustration again a few months later, when I was asked to do a similar concept (but different items on the screen) for another client.