Corporate Work

Carus Publishing, Clean Water Action Fund, Cobblestone, Time for Kids

I had a series of small cartoon spots this month for a corporate client. This was a series of illustrations to go with a brochure on toxic substances and their impact on children. They were all about the same size and covered a variety of subjects. A cartoon style that I like working in, but a bit straighter and less humorous than I usually do. (did manage to sneak my cat Ripley into one of them, however)

Also, this month, I had another cartoon piece for a children’s magazine. This was a story about how comparatively heavy a space suit is to wear (I would do a similar one the following year regarding firefighter’s gear).

The piece above was yet another ‘puzzle page’ illustration for a children’s science magazine feature that I frequently contribute to. Not one of my best efforts. I remember the concept for this ‘puzzle’ as being rather confusing and strange, and it looks as if I rushed through it.