New Regular Gig

ChronicleHE, WSJ

The illustration to the left was for my national newspaper client, as well as the rather unusual ‘online construction’ assignment pictured below. Interesting concepts on both of these, but looking back on them, I think I would rather have used a bit more solid black here and there to help the contrast a bit more.

This month also saw the start of a regular gig for this client. A ‘dubious health care’ column that ran weekly for a few years that I provided small illustrations for every Monday (appearing in the paper on Tuesday). After a couple years, the column moved to a bi-monthly schedule, and color became more frequent as the years passed. It has been a nice safety net for lean times for a good many years, and has provided me with invaluable practice at working on a small scale. UPDATE: This ‘Regular Gig’ lasted ultimately from April of 2002 until February of 2011. Almost a decade, and by the end it was an irregular feature that perhaps appeared once a month.

The piece above was for the same client in April, and was probably a Sunday chart accompaniment (twists and turns in the road ahead for investors, no doubt).

I also had a few spots for my educational publication client this month. A pair of black and white illustrations for an article about the ‘future of the printed word’. I’d been getting a lot of practice drawing my old blue apple G3 this month (and next), and I’m not sure, but I think I saved a little time by reusing the ‘computer’ from one of these drawings for another assignment elsewhere over the next few months (just changing the item on the screen).

To the right is another spot for the same national newspaper client, this one having something to do with doctor’s fees, and below that was another one for the same client, something to do with the Republicans and Democrats, but other than that, I don’t quite remember the slant on the story.