Plate Tectonics

Bose Corporation, Carus Publishing, Cobblestone

I had an assignment this month from one of my children’s magazine clients regarding ‘plate tectonics’, and there were several illustrations on various aspects of this topic sprinkled throughout the issue. (I think I erroneously posted one of them in July of ’99). The above illustration opened the discussion by mentioning how early mountaineers were puzzled by the fact that there were fossils of ocean life found at the tops of the highest mountain peaks (and was explained at the time by ‘noah’s flood’).

The illustration below was another on the same topic, and shows an experiment involving two books and a piece of fabric as a way of showing how mountains are formed.

The illustration to the left was to show how the ‘India Plate’ has moved over the millenia, thus pushing up the himilayan mountain range.

Also this month, I had an assignment from a corporate client involving music education for children, and they wanted a series of illustrations of kids playing on music staves in different ways. I don’t remember if these concepts were provided for me, or if I came up with the different ideas. There would follow a few additional illustrations the next month, and the following spring I would be asked to combine a few of them into one long stave.