Fun with Phonics Grade 3

Instructional Fair

“Fun with Phonics Grade 3” would have been the 5th book that I had done for Instructional Fair, in this, my first year of working with them. This was a whopper of a project with over 290 illustrations. I can really see the style evolving in this first year, especially with these two Phonics books, and the sheer volume of cartoons and the challenges of fitting them into oddball available space (at times they sort of reminded me of those ‘margin cartoons’ that Sergio Aragones did for Mad magazine, especially the long horizontals). In the past, I’ve only shared a handful of samples from these books, but I am going back and sharing each book in their entirety (writing this in 2018).

FunPh3F FunPh3G FunPh3B FunPh3C FunPh3L FunPh3J FunPh3D FunPh3I FunPh3E FunPh3H FunPh3K