Bible Stories

Adventure House, CRC

More samples above and below for the ongoing bible curriculum project for the Christian Reformed Church that I’ve been working on for a local religious organization. Usually about 20 or illustrations per batch, and the projects frequently overlap each other, where I’ll be working on the sketches for one set, while finishing up the pieces on another set. The hardest part of this project has been the logistics of keeping track of all the recurring characters who each have their own individual robe color scheme and hairstyle. I’ve posted here a sampling of this particular batch. (and will post more in the future in separate entries)

Another large project that came through during July was a set of spots for Adventure House Publishing. I’ve only posted a sampling of the illustrations in this project, as they were all pretty similar and not particularly interesting out of their original context. I never quite figured out what book it was I was illustrating, but I got the impression I was just one of several artists working on this project.