Newspaper and Magazine Work

ChronicleHE, Newsday, WSJ

The above piece was for the Chronicle of Higher Education, to accompany an article about affirmative action. Rather simple layout that turned quite nice. I have to try and remember in the future to let a bit of white pop out in my color schemes a bit more often than I do.
Below, is a piece for a special Newsday supplement. This would be on the opening page of the section, and I’m pretty sure it had text running around the characters. This one concerned the ‘investing doldrums’.

The trio of spot illustrations above was for my regular ‘health care’ column gig for the Wall Street Journal. The topics were ‘mouthwash’, ‘using peppers to clear up your sinuses’, and ‘medicine balls’.

Another piece for the same client, was a rather simple pie chart spot that I haven’t bothered to include as it wasn’t particularly interesting.
I also had a series of illustrations for AG Edwards. I don’t include these in this blog due to the nature of our rights agreement. Mostly they are of a financial nature, stocks and bonds, savings, retirement planning, etc., and once a suitable amount of time has lapsed, I may start posting those here.

And, finally, another spot piece for the Chronicle of Higher Education, this one regarding college presidents in some capacity or another.