Oddball May Assignments

Carus Publishing, Log Home Living

For Cricket magazine, I had a series of illustrations about an African American member of the Louis and Clark expedition. I chose an overall image of the guy (based on what sketchy research I was able to put together) as an opening illustration on the first page, and a scene of action/adventure for one of the inside page headers, and then it was requested that I do a map of the expedition for the final image. I like doing maps, but I don’t care for ‘collages’, and this final illustration had a bit of each.

Rather than use the more routine scratchboard technique, I decided to do this one using a combination watercolor and colored pencil look. It was a challenging story to illustrate, because other than being along for the ride, the main protagonist of the story remains a bit of an enigma, and very little ‘action’ takes place in the story.

An illustration for Cobblestone (their science publication Oddysey), a ‘puzzle’ illustration regarding an overhead view of an orchard, which I also used the same wash and colored pencil technique. This was the last of the Cobblestone assignments, which had been gradually trickling away ever since I broached the subject of stagnant rates and making adjustments to their contracts. (I began working for them in the early 90s).

And finally, Log Home Living requested an illustration showing the whole family involved in designing their dream house. This gave me the chance to work on my ‘cartoon’ style, or a slightly more realistic version of it. Thanks to the wife for posing as the female in the picture.