May Spots


Above and to the left are the spots for the month of May for my weekly ‘health care’ column gig for the Wall Street Journal. Articles about a bracelet for warding off mosquitos, poisons in fingernail polish, dentistry, sunscreen lotion and the pros and cons of soy milk. I particularly liked how the mosquito and the hands in the fingernail polish spot turned out. Using a new technique (to me) where I’m starting to add color to the ‘scratchboard lines’ as a way of softening the illustrations a bit.

For the same client, I had a quickie color spot regarding soccer, the US and Britain in some capacity, but I don’t quite remember the exact details of the story.

Below is another spot having to do with China and the Euro, and again, I’ve forgotten the angle on the story. I think this was the first time I’d used the ‘dragon’ in depicting China, but it wouldn’t be the last time.

Another spot for the same client was the ‘fat cat’ pictured below, handing out IOUs. A little different background treatment than I usually do. Looks like I picked some sort of chalk or pastel tool, perhaps as a way of depicting the smoke hanging in the air from the cigar.