Small Packages

Bandanna, Carus Publishing, ChronicleHE, Cobblestone, CRC, US Catholic

I had a great deal of ‘tiny’ work in April for a wide variety of clients.

The black and white spots above and below were for the Christian Reformed Church. If I remember correctly, these all depicted various religious holidays during the calendar year. I like the rougher scratchboard technique I used here, almost mimicking woodcuts.

The small color spots below were for the Chronicle of Higher Education, and went with a article about Microsoft.

The illustrations below were for International Marine Publishing, and were small ‘chapter openers’ for a book about a man’s journey into the artic. This book is still available at Amazon here. One of the bigger ‘mass market’ books I’ve been involved with, but also one in which I actually did very little.

Another book publisher, Bandanna Publishing, contacted me this month with regards to drawing a logo for their imprint.

US Catholic magazine requested a series of small spots to go with a story. I don’t remember the story, but each of these images had some relation to certain plot points.

And in keeping with the ‘mini’ theme of this post, I had a small spot illustration for Cricket this month about meteorites. This was a rather simple black and white illustration that went across the top of the page.