Wrong Way Reggie



Had a book project this month for a fairly well known children’s author. This was for a series of ‘young reader vocabularly’ paperbacks, and was technically a job through my agent (for Quarasan Publishing), although the job actually came about through some networking that my brother did in Chicago, through a restaurant he was working in at the time (where he met the author). One of the first instances where I was starting to regret working with an agent. I would have preferred giving the agent fee to my brother.

Out of print as of this writing (2018), but a few used copies can still be found here and there.

None of the original art was returned at the end of the project, and the only original I have from the book was an early sample version. All the samples in this post are photographs taken of the book itself.

Above you can see the front cover, and the front/back spread when opened up. Below are the interior pages, including the frontispiece.