Earthmaker’s Lodge

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone

This month I had a book project for Cobblestone Publishing, a client that I’d been doing magazine work for over the previous 2 years. This was a collection of Native American myths, legends and stories, and I was one of three ‘scratchboard’ artists assigned to different sections of the book. My illustrations take up the middle third of the volume, mostly concerned with Native American folklore and tribal history, and constituted about 25-30 illustrations. This book is still available on Amazon (link here) and was the winner of the 1995 Book Builder’s of Boston Award for Excellence in Graphic Arts.

A few of the originals still survive (the frog, the wolf, the buffalo stampede), and others were scanned from a copy of the book in my collection. If I remember correctly, the image of the ‘globe’ below (with animals marching around it) was reused by the client for xmas cards later in the year.


When I first wrote this blog post, around 2009, I shared only a few samples from the book, but I am updating the posting in 2018 and sharing each and every one of the illustrations for the first time since publication.


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