Illustration Hodge Podge

Detroit Monthly, Newsday

I remember this one quite well, despite the passage of time. This was another of those ‘same day’ assignments that I frequently got from Newsday. The story came over the fax machine, I read it through… then read it again… and was completely stumped. It was a rambling think piece that touched on any number of subjects, backpacking, zen zones of contentment, baseball, nature, all set in Joshua Tree State Park… So I just threw it all in the mix and faxed over my idea and hoped for the best.. and luckily they went for it, because I had no others. An interesting image, and fun, but difficult to explain to the casual viewer.

The above illustration I had earlier mistakenly attributed to the same client, that is, until I was going through my invoices the other day, and discovered that this one was a one time assignment for Detroit Monthly. One of my favorite scratchboards from around this time, I liked the layout and perspective and the simplicity of the design.