Out Like a Lamb (well, almost)

LA Times, WSJ

The illustration above was a bit of spec work that I took on over the last couple weeks, written by the authors of the ‘Dick Cheney’ book (which will be hitting the shelves on Tuesday). They shopped it around to several newspapers as a way of getting a ‘plug’ for the book, and it eventually got picked up by the LA Times. It appears today as the top half of their op-ed page, and is also going out over their wire service, so it should be interesting to see where else it pops up. If you click on the image, you will be taken to a larger sized version, where you can actually read the type.

The last couple weeks have been kind of quiet. I had little more to do other than the usual Wall Street Journal gigs. The ‘health care’ spot to the left was about ‘kettlebells’, a new type of exercise fad from Russia. I also had a black and white weekend edition spot, that was a bit more rushed than usual, so I took a chance and jumped the gun on the finish before the sketch was actually approved, and ended up choosing the wrong one (which is why I now have two versions of this illustration). This one was about divergent viewpoints on the current ‘economic crunch’ (they went with the ‘glass half full’ illustration).

Just about the time I was starting to get worried again about how slow it was getting (you’d think I’d be used to this rollercoaster after almost twenty years of it) — then work started coming in again. I got a big project for the Christian Reformed Church, which should be keeping me very busy over the next month or so, and a couple illustrations from Hong Kong, a full page illo for the ABA, another mystery fiction assignment for AHMM, and a cover for a magazine client I hadn’t heard from in a while for Tuesday. So things are looking up. Going to be pretty busy over the coming week, as we will be getting ready to take a short spring break vacation down to Arizona starting Thursday, see my Dad, catch a Diamondbacks game, and do a little disc golfin’.