April Showers

ChronicleHE, Far East Economic Review, The Deal, WSJ

After a couple weeks of relative quiet, April burst forth with a refreshing downpour, and just in time for our spring break trip to Arizona tomorrow evening. It looks like I’ll be bringing along the computer and tablet and doing some work while I’m out there as well. Been raining outside the past few days too, but today is bright and sunny, and I’m tempted to head out and play in the sunshine later this afternoon.

The illustration above was a cover for The Deal magazine that dropped in my lap over the weekend. A fun assignment, but much more time consuming than I anticipated. I spent most of the day Monday and late into the evening getting this one done for a Tuesday deadline. I also had a pair of illustrations over the weekend for the Far Eastern Economic Review in Hong Kong. Both pictured below, one of them on ‘internet censorship’ and another on ‘targeting chinese consumers’.

Also, on monday, I had another of my ‘health care’ spots for the Wall Street Journal, this one on a new mineral supplement that is purported to treat arthritis and depression. I also got a call on Monday for a rush assignment for the Chronicle of Higher Education (usually they call on Thursday or Friday for a Tuesday deadline), so I squeezed that assignment in as well (pictured below). This one was about the decline of ‘Lit Studies’.

The piece above was for the Miami Herald, for an article about the ‘weak dollar’. I also was quite busy this week finishing up sketches for the large CRC curriculum job, and sketches for the ABA cover, and before I leave tomorrow I have a few other last minute assignments to attend to. When it rains, it pours.