Fun With Phonics Grade 2

Instructional Fair

FunPh2AThe first of two ‘Fun With Phonics’ books that I would do for Instructional Fair in 1998 (and one of five books for them in the calendar year). I’m going back and sharing each book in their entirety (writing this in 2018).┬áThis one, and the other ‘Fun with Phonics’ book that I would later in the year, were the biggest projects I would ever do for this publisher, with somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 illustrations each.

FunPh2C FunPh2J FunPh2I FunPh2B FunPh2K FunPh2D FunPh2M FunPh2G FunPh2L FunPh2E FunPh2N FunPh2F FunPh2H