Whirlwind Couple of Weeks

ChronicleHE, Highlights

Been so busy the past few weeks, that I haven’t had a chance to update the blog. A Chicago wedding weekend, then deck renovations in the back yard, then my son’s graduation open house, and top it all off with a regular workload, not only of new work, but revisions to work completed earlier in the year.

I had a chance to work in my cartoon style again, which I haven’t done in quite some time. The above illustrations and the ones below were all for an upcoming issue of Highlights, on their ‘puzzle/activities’ page. I even had to come up with a simple soduku type rebus puzzle, which was a bit tricky for me, as I barely understand the regular soduku puzzles. (alert readers will recognize my pit bull ‘Lady’ in the illustration above, and our deceased cat ‘Ripley’ making an appearance from beyond the grave in one of the illustrations below).

Also have been working on a cd cover for a client over the past month. I’m not sure what the current status of this job is quite yet, so I’ll wait until later to post samples from this project. It is a trio of faux ‘tarot card’ designs, plus an additional illustration for the back cover. The music is quite nice, and I’ll be sure to post a link to the cd when it hits the shelves.

Earlier this week, I had another supplement assignment for the Chronicle of Higher Education. This one involved three black and white illustrations, plus a series of small icons depicting the various ‘generational splits’ in the population (boomers, generation x, etc etc). I came up with a faux ‘fisher price toy’ solution (my younger sister used to play with these toys when she was a kid), and with a few minor modifications (race, gender, etc), they didn’t stray too far from the original rough concept. I decided to portray myself as the ‘gen x’ model. Even though I am technically in the ‘boomer’ age designation (cut off date of 62 or 64 depending on who you read), I have never felt a part of of that generation (I was 6 years old during Woodstock fer pete’s sake).