Whirlwind Part Two

Far East Economic Review, WSJ

The piece to the left was for the Wall Street Journal over the fourth of July weekend. We had a large electrical/wind storm come through the day before this job was due, and we had problems with electricity and internet connections at our house, so I ended up taking the computer and tablet down to a coffee shop downtown and working remotely there on that morning. This was one of the semi-regular pieces I do for the Sunday Journal, but a rarity in that this one was published in color (perhaps a special edition for the holiday weekend). I also had another regular illustration for the Journal earlier this week. This is the ‘dubious health care’ column that I illustrate every other Monday for this client. This particular one was regarding a certain flower’s purported claims for healing damaged skin (sunburn, radiation etc). I debated on making the woman nude, but played it safe with indications of a bathing suit. The model and pose is an homage to a favorite album cover image from my parent’s record collection back in the 70s. I usually publish these spots much smaller in this blog, but wanted to show one of them a little larger for a change of pace, to better show the details. They usually appear in the paper at a size of 2 inches by 1 and a half inches.

A couple weekends ago, I also had an illustration assignment for the Far Eastern Economic Review in Hong Kong. This one fell due on the weekend of my son’s graduation open house, and I remember getting up extra early on Sunday morning in order to get it done in time to help out with preparations. This one was about China’s air pollution woes.

And now, completely off the topic, I have a photo from my office window from a few days ago, when we had an interesting and large visitor to our bird feeder. A large tom turkey, who then proceeded to tromp around in my garden, snapping a bunch of flower stalks.