September Wrap Up

American Lawyer, ChronicleHE, Far East Economic Review, WSJ

September is coming to a close, and it was happily a much busier month than August. Two postcards went out, and a few more are planned to go out this coming month. My son’s been at college now for a month, and we are gradually getting adjusted to the empty nest.

The portrait above was for the Far Eastern Economic Review. The illustration below was for a new client, The American Lawyer, something to do with non-competition contracts for employees.

The illustration above, and the illustration to the left were both for the Wall Street Journal. The one above was a small sunday spot regarding the 700 billion bailout, and the health care spot to the left was about shoe inserts for treating foot pain.

I was also asked by the Chronicle of Higher Education to modify one of the illustrations from the ‘crayon’ series a few weeks back, because one of the articles got held back and put in another issue, and, since the ‘crayon’ theme didn’t seem to make sense out of context, I was asked to change the layout to be a bit more generic.