Children’s Magazine Work

AHMM, Carus Publishing, Highlights

Earlier in the year, Highlights magazine contacted me regarding doing some spec updates to one of their venerable old characters. This is a magazine I remember reading from when I was kid, and it was fun to finally get a real assignment from them. This was a two part illustration project regarding a story about a family at Xmas. (I don’t remember the details of the story, however I think it had something to do with Dad wanting a little ‘peace and quiet’, and one of the kids misinterpreting what he asked for and doing something sickeningly cute)

Another project, for Cricket magazine, was a piece involving a young girl who wishes to play the cello, but can’t afford an instrument (her Dad is a school custodian, if I remember correctly).

I worked in a bit of a different style than I usually do, as this would be a ‘duotone’ illustration, and I wanted to try an ‘oil pastel’ technique that I’ve been messing around with. I’m not sure it was completely successful, but it was fun giving it a try. One of the great things about working for this publication, is the many, many chances they have given me to fall flat on my face in trying out new styles, and to experiment a little out of my ‘comfort zone’.

Aside from the children’s work this month, I also had another of my fiction assignments for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. This was a little different than usual, a mystery set in feudal Japan, so I chose to do it a little more stylized than my usual style, and gave the feel of flattened perspective, like many Japanese prints.