Black and White in May

AHMM, Newsday

Above is one of the black and white pieces that I had in the month of May. This was another fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. I don’t remember the story on this one, other than the fact that it involved a sexy but dangerous femme fatale that a fellow meets through a want ad.

For Newsday, I had this spot regarding a current event in the Congress. If you remember, the Republicans were all set to do something called the ‘Nuclear Maneuver’ (or something like that), and that McCain broke ranks to make a back room deal with the Democrats to foil their plans. This was the first time I’d attempted a likeness of McCain, and the tall guy with the bomb is another likeness (although I don’t quite remember who it was supposed to be). I particularly liked how the cowering democrats turned out.

Also, for the same client, was another black and white piece I was particularly pleased with. I don’t remember the angle of the story, perhaps it was about gambling revenues being used to fund education?

The one below, I was less happy with. This one had to do with the 9/11 monuments being debated, and whether or not the public should be in on the discussions. Rather convoluted editorial article that I had a hard time finding a concept for.

Also that month, for the same newspaper client was a story involving a comment President Bush made about comparing himself to the ‘big three’ of a previous generation, which led me inevitably to this portrayal of a study in contrasts.