Little Packages

AHMM, ChronicleHE, Far East Economic Review, WSJ

My recent postcard promoting my ‘spot illustration’ skills seemed to have already done the trick by late october. I took in a lot of smaller sized pieces around this time. The portraits above and below were all for the Far Eastern Economic Review out of Hong Kong, and were a series of head and shoulders shots of various regular columnists for the publication. I really liked how these turned out, and I had hoped that this would turn into a regular gig for me, but either this publication doesn’t get much turnover in their writers, or it was only a one time situation.

During this time, I also drove my father out to Arizona for the winter, and had a few small spots for my regular ‘dubious health care’ column gig for the Wall Street Journal, on either side of that trip, one of them on a device that lets health care workers better view veins beneath the skin, and another one on the health benefits of ‘tree bark’.

An illustration on ’empire building’ for the Chronicle of Higher Education, gave me another opportunity to try out a new technique I had been playing around with for portraying ‘globes’. I’m not sure but this might have been the first time I used the technique. I think it turned out quite nice.

Aside from the ‘smaller spots’ during this period, I also had an assignment from AG Edwards. I don’t include samples here of these assignments out of deference to the agreement we made on usage. After five years have passed, I may start posting them as available for reprinting. Most of them are about ‘investing’ or ‘estate planning’ or ‘saving plans’.

Also had another fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, featuring a ‘small package’. This one was more along the lines of a spy/espionage thriller, and involved a handoff in an exotic restaurant location overseas. I snuck in a likeness of my favorite silent film star sitting at the table.