Back To Work

AHMM, Far East Economic Review, Niche Media, WSJ

After a strangely quiet August (aside from a few ongoing projects I will post at a later date, once the dust clears), I had a few projects from some of my regular clients. The fiction illustration above was for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, and, due to a goof-up, I actually ended up doing this illustration twice, with two different configurations (the unused illustration is pictured below). I was mistakenly given the wrong dimensions for this illustration, and it somehow got through the sketch phase without anyone noticing.

Over the course of the Labor Day weekend, I had a series of three illustration assignments come across my desk from the Far Eastern Economic Review in Hong Kong. A travel piece, a piece on entrepreneurs, and an overview illustration about the electric power industry. (all pictured below)

Around the same time, I had a caricature assignment featuring the Trumps (well, actually, the client wanted the building to have equal importance) for a Chicago regional magazine.

And finally, a few more pieces for the Wall Street Journal, a few of the ‘health care’ spots from the past month, and a few black and white spots for the Sunday Journal done during the past 30 days or so. Some of these were actually completed ‘on the road’ in coffee shops or wherever I could find internet access, since we’ve been kind of busy settling the boy down in Chicago to start college. There was also a recent ‘health care’ spot that I did three finishes for as a precautionary measure, due to being ‘out of the office’ at the usual deadline date, but now I can’t seem to find any of them to post here (maybe they ended up on my wife’s computer…).

The new postcards should start hitting the mails in a few days, followed by another one in a few weeks, and I should have some further samples to post here when my two other ‘big projects’ wind down.

ADDENDUM – 9/15: Well, I tracked down those three spots that I did while on vacation, all for the ‘health care’ column, something to do with treating ‘bad breath’, and they are posted below. (I believe they went with the one with the guy with the clothespin on his nose)