2008 into 2009

Barrons, ChronicleHE, Miami Herald, WSJ

Kept fairly busy over the holiday season, most illustrations still having something to do with the current economic mess in one way or another. The above ‘wrestling bear and bull’ illustration being for the Miami Herald (another of my newspaper clients who have been in the news recently, as one of the prime examples of the ‘struggling newspaper industry’), earlier this week. I also had a few ‘new years’ themed illustrations for the Wall Street Journal, which are pictured below.

This was probably an assignment that had thousands of brethren throughout the printed world this past week, and would be interesting to see them all collected somewhere.

For Barrons this week, I had an illustration regarding ‘hedge funds’, and the thrust of the article was that even though these funds have gotten a bad name, there might actually be a few stable ones that have survived the recent melee that might be worth taking a look at. (pictured below)

Below that, are a few illustrations I had for the Chronicle of Higher Education this week. These were concerning the economic meltdown’s effects on the education world, and since the two articles were trying to be an optimistic ‘call to action’, I thought that a faux ‘propaganda poster style’ might be interesting. A little different approach than I usually try, and the second one definitely turned out better than the first (once I had worked out the bugs).

Well, 2009 is finally here, and this marks my twentieth year in the freelance illustration business. I’ll be going over the previous year’s output and putting together a ‘best of 2008’ collection (and perhaps a ‘best of the 2nd decade’ might also be in order – that is, if I can stand looking back that far).