Off and Running

ChronicleHE, Far East Economic Review, LA Times

The portrait of Obama that I did as a self promotional piece last fall found a home this week in the Los Angeles Times. It’s nice to see a spec illustration like that see some action. I’ve often thought that I perhaps ought to choose a ‘newsmaker’ once a day to do a portrait of, on the off chance that a client somewhere may have a use for it as a form of ‘home grown syndication’. It would also give me a chance to experiment with some different styles in a low pressure situation.

This week has been busy, but with ongoing projects that may not see the light of day until later this month or next. I had a few assignments this past weekend for the Far Eastern Economic Review in Hong Kong, and they are pictured below. One was a cover, and another dealt with Mixed Martial Arts.

I also had a rush assignment on Tuesday for the Chronicle of Higher Education. The founder of the ‘Pell Grants’ had died over the weekend, and this was a tribute article. I also had a quick turnaround assignment for Barrons, a similar idea to one that I had done the week before, sort of a ‘banks who survived the mess’ portrayal. Any excuse to draw some boats.