The Sketch Process


A somewhat busy week, but working on projects with long lead times, and doing sketches for upcoming projects, so I’ve only a few finished illustrations to post. The illustration above was one of two that I did for the Wall Street Journal this week, and I thought I’d also share the rough pencil sketches that led up to this particular assignment. The other two sketches played off the text that mentioned something about “the wake of two recent bear markets”, but I’m sure that the client has seen more than its share of ‘bear illustrations’ in the past year. (click on the sketches to view them at a larger size)

I didn’t actually have my usual ‘health care column’ assignment this week, but the designer approached me with another project which resulted in the illustration to the right, regarding hospitals sending patients home sooner than they have in the past, and problems arising out of this practice. I’m not sure if the ‘health care column’ gig has reached its end after 8 years, but I certainly hope not, they were a lot of fun.

I’ve also been doing some extracurricular portraits this week, in an effort to promote that side of the business and hopefully generate some reprint traffic, but it all depends on my current workload whether or not I’ll be able to keep it up on a daily basis. The latest portrait and a link to the library can be found in the column on the right of the blog.