Marching On

Barrons, Uncle Goose Toys, Westword, WSJ

The illustration above was for Barrons this week, and was oddly enough one of the first financial illustrations I’ve done in the past six months that hasn’t been ‘doom and gloom’, so I take it as a hopeful sign that maybe we’ve bottomed out. I also had a cover assignment for Westword, a regional magazine that I had last worked for about two years ago. This was another ‘dollar bill’ spoof illustration similar to one I had done for the Journal last summer, except replacing Washington’s head with that of a cow.

I also had a few Wall Street Journal assignments over the weekend. The one above was accompanying an article about investors taking refuge in credit unions during these tough times, and the one below, was another ‘health care’ spot, this one on laser treatments for psoriasis.

I’ve begun a rather large project for a local toy manufacturer that will involve presidential portraits. The first four were Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Obama, but I’ll be eventually completing all of them over the course of the coming months. The first three were very similar to portraits I had done last year for Barnes and Noble (but simplified and cleaned up a bit), and the Obama portrait I’ve included below.