Out on a Limb

Barrons, Far East Economic Review

Not really slowing down all that much, but the pace feels a bit more relaxed this past week. I’ve got a few larger ongoing projects in the works, but probably won’t have much to post until later in the month. In the meantime here are a few projects from the end of March.

This rather complex image was an assignment over the weekend from my Hong Kong client. When I first read over the specs for this illustration I was a bit overwhelmed. The concept was based on a bit of eastern mythology, where an ocean of milk is churned by the actions of various parties playing tug of war with a giant dragon, and I was given a list of various parties to include on either side of the ‘churn’. The dragon would then snake around the border of the cover, leaving room for type/headlines in the middle and on either side of the masthead at the top. As a convenience to the client, the three separate elements (bottom, head and tail) would be send as floating layers that could be tweaked and rearranged as needed. It took most of the day on Sunday to complete, and was a bit tricky to pull off, but I think the final product was worth the effort.

Another assignment for the same client this weekend, this one about elephant polo. (and elephants are almost trickier to draw than dragons, although they don’t look it).

Below is an illustration for Barrons, probably from a couple weeks ago (done around the same time as the ‘prospector’ from the last posting).

Last week, I also finished up the last remaining odds and ends for the game board project, and I wish the designer the best of luck in the upcoming ‘game of the year’ competition. This upcoming month should see me immersed in Veterinary medicine, Insects, more Presidential portraits, and whatever else the fickle winds of illustration blow my way.