Summer Doldrums

Far East Economic Review, WSJ

Been kind of quiet the past few weeks, with a job here and a job there, and one larger book project with a long deadline (which I’ll probably end up finishing about a month early). A couple large projects expected to come in over the next few weeks, so I’m not in panic mode yet, but will probably send out a few promo postcards to shake the bushes this summer.

The job above was an illustration for the Wall Street Journal last week, and below is another one for the same client. One of the ‘health care spots’ that I do every other week for a column called “Aches & Claims”.

Last weekend, I also had another cover illustration for my Hong Kong client, this one having to do with the situation in Thailand. I usually give this client the separate illustration components in layers so they have a bit more freedom with their cover layout, which usually has to include a certain amount of text, which was a good thing in this instance since I had to do a little last minute adjustments to the boxers due to a cultural taboo regarding the soles of the feet.

Below is another illustration for the Wall Street Journal that I did this week, regarding the hopeful signs that the economy is recovering, combined with the sad fact that the job market probably won’t be improving for a while yet.